Cross Training with BodyPump

If I am going to take this running thing seriously (which I am), then I know that I need to be doing more. Thus far about 5 days a week I have hit the track at the gym, and that has pretty much been the extent of my fitness routine. While I know that running around the track has been a great start, I also know that it isn’t enough.

In order to be the best runner that I can be I need to be stronger. I am especially going to be focusing on my legs and my core. I HATE crunches, push ups etc. HATE them. HATE them. HATE them. So, I won’t be doing them ūüôā

Instead I have purchased a pass to take fitness classes at my gym. I did some classes last semester, and loved them. For me, the music, enthusiastic instructor, and people around me make crappy toning exercises FUN. I know that the classes will motivate me to become stronger than if I was conditioning on my own.

Last night I took a BodyPump class. I have taken one prior. It was torturous (in a great way). We did a combination of free weight and barbell exercises. When I left the class I could barely move. I had planned on doing an easy run afterwards, but my muscles were literally too tired to run. I walked two miles, stretched, and called it a night.

I’m going to try my best to make it to¬†at least two classes a week. Now, I’m about to go out and enjoy¬†some GORGEOUS 73¬†degree weather in February!

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