Fighting to Workout

Normally, working out is a stress relieving activity. I almost always look forward to my workouts, and I ALWAYS feel better after I complete one.

Tonight it was a struggle just to get to the gym.

It literally took The Rooms and I thirty minutes to get five miles down the road. We hit every stop light, got stuck behind slow pokes, and had to wait on a fire truck.

When we FINALLY got there we could not find a parking space to save our lives. The parking Nazis had been on the prowl. Tickets were all over the place. The roommate has already acquired a traffic citation from almost every parking lot on campus, so we had to park half of a mile away (not exaggerating).

Stepping inside the gym was like Black Friday all over again. Apparently everyone was trying to work off their turkey tummies. They were holding wrestling matches for elliptical machines. Luckily I am a champion female wrestler, so this wasn’t a problem.

Six miles down forty-four to go!

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