Streaking “Gymnastics” and Goals

As of tonight I have officially completed a week long running streak. So far, I have really enjoyed streaking. There is just something about taking away the OPTION to workout that makes it more enjoyable. I wake up every day and KNOW that I am going to run. No question. No internal conflict. Taking away my decision making power has actually been liberating (which I know makes zero sense).

I am taking this class for future physical education teachers (I am not a future PE teacher. It’s an elective.) We’ve played games pretty much all semester, but Tuesday we did “gymnastics” which was really conditioning in disguise. I worked muscles that haven’t been activated since I retired from cheerleading career. I thought my glands were swollen today. WRONG my neck muscles were just sore. Allow me to repeat myself. SORE NECK MUSCLES.

The rooms and I took a nice little two-mile jaunt around the track tonight. She is such a great running buddy. We are running a 5K next month and she is going to KILL it. I am so excited.

Holy Moley! It’s DECEMBER! I have to put in a TON of miles if I am going to make this 1,000 mile thing happen. You better believe that I am kicking myself for some of those low mileage months last spring. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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