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And I don’t give a flippppppp about how grammatically incorrect that sentence (or this one) is.

I woke up this morning in a TERRIBLE mood!

What is wrong with me?

  • The stress of exams?- I’ve only been an undergrad for FIVE YEARS. You would think I would have this down pat.
  • Low Iron?
  • Not enough B12?
  • Not enough protein?
  • Dehydrated?
  • Caffeine withdrawals?
  • Improper sleep?
  • Are my endorphins screwed up because I have been studying instead of sweating.
  • Maybe I just need to get laid! (kidding Mom)

Whatever the case is, I don’t want to do anything except be a lazy bum, but I that only makes matters worse.

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Loser Runner

Update on my life:

  • I suck
  • I broke my running streak
  • There is no way I am going to finish these 1000 miles this month

I am totally serious. I just have too many other responsibilities right now to spend all of my time running. I’m sure that I will write a more elaborate post later, but right now just know that I quit. Whatever. You win some. You lose some. I lost this one.

Yesterday my roommate ran her first ever 5K!!!!!!!!!


Yeah, the lighting sucks. Forgive us. We were just excited to be there! Take notice of our matching Grinch tees! Be jealous!
Basically, I agreed to run this race with the understanding that I would be wearing candy cane socks. I may start wearing them all the time like Holly Madison.

It was a great race. It was very well organized, there were plenty of volunteers, and post race refreshments. Also, the t-shirts were bomb (and you know that is always a deciding factor).



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Streaking “Gymnastics” and Goals

As of tonight I have officially completed a week long running streak. So far, I have really enjoyed streaking. There is just something about taking away the OPTION to workout that makes it more enjoyable. I wake up every day and KNOW that I am going to run. No question. No internal conflict. Taking away my decision making power has actually been liberating (which I know makes zero sense).

I am taking this class for future physical education teachers (I am not a future PE teacher. It’s an elective.) We’ve played games pretty much all semester, but Tuesday we did “gymnastics” which was really conditioning in disguise. I worked muscles that haven’t been activated since I retired from cheerleading career. I thought my glands were swollen today. WRONG my neck muscles were just sore. Allow me to repeat myself. SORE NECK MUSCLES.

The rooms and I took a nice little two-mile jaunt around the track tonight. She is such a great running buddy. We are running a 5K next month and she is going to KILL it. I am so excited.

Holy Moley! It’s DECEMBER! I have to put in a TON of miles if I am going to make this 1,000 mile thing happen. You better believe that I am kicking myself for some of those low mileage months last spring. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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Fighting to Workout

Normally, working out is a stress relieving activity. I almost always look forward to my workouts, and I ALWAYS feel better after I complete one.

Tonight it was a struggle just to get to the gym.

It literally took The Rooms and I thirty minutes to get five miles down the road. We hit every stop light, got stuck behind slow pokes, and had to wait on a fire truck.

When we FINALLY got there we could not find a parking space to save our lives. The parking Nazis had been on the prowl. Tickets were all over the place. The roommate has already acquired a traffic citation from almost every parking lot on campus, so we had to park half of a mile away (not exaggerating).

Stepping inside the gym was like Black Friday all over again. Apparently everyone was trying to work off their turkey tummies. They were holding wrestling matches for elliptical machines. Luckily I am a champion female wrestler, so this wasn’t a problem.

Six miles down forty-four to go!

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Motivational Monday

There are 34 days left in 2011, and I have 203 miles left to reach my 1000 mile goal.

Nothin’ like waiting until the last minute!

I want to run fifty miles this week. It would be a new record for me, and I would feel a lot more relaxed if I took such a big chunk out of my total miles to go.

So, If you need me this anytime soon, plan on wearing your running shoes!


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Night Time Adventure

I drove six hours across the state of North Carolina today. It was a pretty easy trip: no car trouble, or traffic, but it still left me crrrrranky. It was getting dark, so I immediately threw on my Vibrams and headed out the door. Normally, I would have taken the day  off, and not thought twice about it. But today was day three of my running streak, and I knew I needed to blow off some steam. I grabbed the dog for protection. No one would dare mess with this beast!

I also wore white, and stayed in a well-lit area. Regardless, I felt like a badass. Running at night was exhilarating, and I’m glad that my streak motivated me to get out there.

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Beware: I’m a Streaker

Streaking is the latest craze in the running community. When I first heard about this trend I was really excited. Just think about how much money I could save if I no longer purchased running apparel. Upon further research I was disappointed to discover that it wasn’t that kind of streaking. My neighbors are thankful.

Runnersworld is challenging runners to go on a 38 day streak, running a minimum of one mile every day between Thanksgiving and New Years Day with no complete rest days. I think that it sounds like a cool new challenge.

Today was day two of the challenge and I almost forgot. After drinking three margaritas I realized that I had not done my mile yet and had to hit the treadmill. I think that a tequila treadmill challenge might be on the agenda next! 

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Motivational Monday- Matt Long Edition

The Long Run is the story of Matt Long, a firefighter, Boston Qualifying Marathoner, and Ironman who was run over by a bus and given a 5% chance of survival. Despite the physical and emotional hell Long was put through, he shows extreme resilience and makes an incredible comeback to the sports that he loves.

I don’t feel like I read this book. I feel like I absorbed it. I could not put it down. I like to read before I go to bed at night…what a mistake. I would start reading, realize that HOURS had passed, and then I would be too caught up in the story to sleep.

Watch out Matt Long. You have a new superfan! (I’ve already tweeted him.) If you want to feel motivated you should seriously pick up this book!

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Confessions of a Marathoner

Recently when I casually worked the fact that I am a marathoner into an unrelated conversation (surprising how good I have gotten at that) the person’s response was, “Oh so I guess you don’t smoke.”

Ummm… No.

Smoke? I rarely even drink. Hello MARATHONER here!

But then I got to thinking about it, and there are plenty of activities I partake in that are not so conducive to running.

  • Staying up until ungodly hours
  • I have a weakness for all things cheesy and spicy (read Mexican food)
  • I don’t drink enough water
  • I have a bit of a sweet tooth
  • I crank up my mileage too quickly
  • I don’t like eating breakfast
  • My abs are total mush and I hate doing core work
  • I would rather sleep in than go for a long run

I may not smoke, but I am hardly a saint. I have plenty of room for improvement.

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