Loser Runner

Update on my life:

  • I suck
  • I broke my running streak
  • There is no way I am going to finish these 1000 miles this month

I am totally serious. I just have too many other responsibilities right now to spend all of my time running. I’m sure that I will write a more elaborate post later, but right now just know that I quit. Whatever. You win some. You lose some. I lost this one.

Yesterday my roommate ran her first ever 5K!!!!!!!!!


Yeah, the lighting sucks. Forgive us. We were just excited to be there! Take notice of our matching Grinch tees! Be jealous!
Basically, I agreed to run this race with the understanding that I would be wearing candy cane socks. I may start wearing them all the time like Holly Madison.

It was a great race. It was very well organized, there were plenty of volunteers, and post race refreshments. Also, the t-shirts were bomb (and you know that is always a deciding factor).



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2 Responses to Loser Runner

  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear that you aren’t going to make your goal, but honestly you made a really serious push towards it. 800 miles this year already. That’s like 800 more than so many more people. And the good think is that you can always try it again next year.

  2. Chicken says:

    Let’s not focus on what you didn’t do, let’s focus on what you DID do! 807 miles this year is amazing! You’ll probably still tack on more miles in the next 25 days as well! But, you’ve also inspired me to take on the 1,000 mile goal next year! Besides, if you ran 1,000 this year then you’d have to do more next year! You didn’t quit…you’re just training for next years 1,000-miler!

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