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Night Time Adventure

I drove six hours across the state of North Carolina today. It was a pretty easy trip: no car trouble, or traffic, but it still left me crrrrranky. It was getting dark, so I immediately threw on my Vibrams and … Continue reading

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Things That Make Me Happy

After my post yesterday whining about how I felt after spending a couple of weeks away from running, I feel like I need to take the time to remind myself about how many incredible things I have going on in … Continue reading

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This is what I feel like today… And we can’t forget the arctic creatures (although they have a valid reason for their porkage). And of course my go to animal friend… I mean look at this guy. All he does … Continue reading

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A Doggone Good Run

I could not find (or want) a more enthusiastic running partner than my dog. Every time I put onĀ  my running shoes her eyes get big, and I can see her practically holding her breath with excitement. The eternal optimist … Continue reading

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