Beware: I’m a Streaker

Streaking is the latest craze in the running community. When I first heard about this trend I was really excited. Just think about how much money I could save if I no longer purchased running apparel. Upon further research I was disappointed to discover that it wasn’t that kind of streaking. My neighbors are thankful.

Runnersworld is challenging runners to go on a 38 day streak, running a minimum of one mile every day between Thanksgiving and New Years Day with no complete rest days. I think that it sounds like a cool new challenge.

Today was day two of the challenge and I almost forgot. After drinking three margaritas I realized that I had not done my mile yet and had to hit the treadmill. I think that a tequila treadmill challenge might be on the agenda next! 

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Motivational Monday- Matt Long Edition

The Long Run is the story of Matt Long, a firefighter, Boston Qualifying Marathoner, and Ironman who was run over by a bus and given a 5% chance of survival. Despite the physical and emotional hell Long was put through, he shows extreme resilience and makes an incredible comeback to the sports that he loves.

I don’t feel like I read this book. I feel like I absorbed it. I could not put it down. I like to read before I go to bed at night…what a mistake. I would start reading, realize that HOURS had passed, and then I would be too caught up in the story to sleep.

Watch out Matt Long. You have a new superfan! (I’ve already tweeted him.) If you want to feel motivated you should seriously pick up this book!

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Confessions of a Marathoner

Recently when I casually worked the fact that I am a marathoner into an unrelated conversation (surprising how good I have gotten at that) the person’s response was, “Oh so I guess you don’t smoke.”

Ummm… No.

Smoke? I rarely even drink. Hello MARATHONER here!

But then I got to thinking about it, and there are plenty of activities I partake in that are not so conducive to running.

  • Staying up until ungodly hours
  • I have a weakness for all things cheesy and spicy (read Mexican food)
  • I don’t drink enough water
  • I have a bit of a sweet tooth
  • I crank up my mileage too quickly
  • I don’t like eating breakfast
  • My abs are total mush and I hate doing core work
  • I would rather sleep in than go for a long run

I may not smoke, but I am hardly a saint. I have plenty of room for improvement.

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Best Excuse Ever

Well I missed my workout today. Don’t worry though I have a totally legit reason. There was a “gunman” running a muck  on my campus, thus making the rec center off limits.

Seriously, I am not joking.

Is that the best excuse ever or what?

Fortunately, the gunman did not in fact have a gun. He actually had… drum roll please… an UMBRELLA!

Do these look threatening to you?

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If you don’t know that my birthday is a few days away, then you have obviously not seen me the entire month of November. I am such a little kid. I make sure EVERYBODY knows that it is my month(MINE). I turn into this total diva (oh wait…). I’m sure everyone loves spending time with me right now.

Anyways in case you missed the memo that it is almost my birthday, and have yet to buy me a gift (shame on you for procrastinating), I have put together a list of ideas for you. Keep in mind, I know that the amount of money you spend on me is directly proportional to the amount of love you feel in your heart, so don’t be stingy.

#1. Norts- aka Nike tempo shorts. I would like a pair in every color please!

#2. Garmin GPS Watch- I wrote a post when I borrowed Ash’s Garmin awhile ago about how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE this gadget. I am DYING for one of my own… DYING! It would make me a better, more aware, faster runner. I want a Garmin like my dog wants to play ball (if you don’t know Tinkeroo that is A LOT).

#3. Compression Socks- I have only read good things about compression socks. Yeah they might look a little Holly Madison, but runners swear that they decrease recovery time. I will take anything that can make my legs feel fresh faster after a long run.

#4. Ipod Nano- People are always saying that they cannot believe that I run for hours without music. BELIEVE IT! But it would be nice to be able to jam while I run, or listen to an audio book. Whatever. And this guy is so tiny it would be so easy and convenient.

#5. A new camera- Mine is broken.

#6. THIS water bottle. I know. It’s Genius!

#7. Race Fees- I can give you a laundry list of things to register me for 🙂

#8. A group fitness pass at my gym- so that I can start doing BodyPump again.

#9. A copy of Born To Run- I read this book over the summer (library copy) and it is one of the most amazing things I have read in a long time. I would love to have a copy of my own. If you are a runner, or think you might like to become a runner, then you seriously MUST read this book.

#10. Hula Hoop- Ha Ha seems funny, but I am dead serious. They are supposedly a great ab workout and I would rather do anything than crunches. I bought myself one from the toy section a few months ago, but it’s too light and really difficult. I want a heavier hula hoop. They make them with water or weights. I will even let you borrow it!

Totally kidding about expecting gifts, but with Christmas coming up as well, maybe this will give you some ideas for another runner in your life 🙂

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Motivation Monday – Weightloss

There are a few races in the early part of 2012 that I am hoping to participate in (you’ll find out which ones when I actually register). My goal for Chicago was just to cross the finish line. When I initially registered for the race I wanted to run the whole thing, but it became apparent as I increased my mileage that doing the marathon sans walk breaks was unrealistic. Giving myself the option to walk provided more of a mental reprieve than anything, and I honestly feel like it was what I needed to be successful when I played with 26.2 miles for the first time.

As I start flirting with the idea of training for another race there are two goals that keep teasing me. #1 I want to run the whole thing. #2 I want to be faster.

Like a lot faster. I want to cut an hour off of my marathon time. A whole freaking hour. The particular race that I have in mind is months away, so a clear starting point is to shift my focus to weight loss.

According to Matt Frazier’s Marathon Roadmap, the marathon weight loss formula (which is not set in stone) is 2 seconds per pound lost per mile.

Meaning, if I lost 20 pounds I would take between 17 and eighteen minutes off of my marathon time. Throw in more speed work, hill work, and the added confidence that I have acquired because now I KNOW that I can complete the distance, and I think it is very doable.

Is 5:22 a respectable marathon time… honestly no. It’s so slow it’s laughable, but it would qualify me for Boston in the 80+ age category, and for some reason that feels remarkable to me.

So here is my weekly motivation:

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I have mentioned before how much I love pinterest, but I happened across an image that really bothered me, and I have been wrestling with the emotional repercussions  all day.

The caption was, “Holy cellulite! Do they make norts in XXXXL?”.

(FYI: Nike+Shorts =Norts)

That is just mean! Obviously this poor girl was either going to or coming from the gym, so she is attempting to do something positive for herself. I became even more upset when I realized that this picture had been tweeted from an account with FOUR THOUSAND followers. This innocent person was publicly humiliated for doing absolutely nothing.

As women, we feel pressure to look a certain way. I don’t know a girl who has never had an insecure moment (and I have some GORGEOUS friends), but this problem will only become exacerbated if we women use social media as a platform to tear each other down.

This kind of malicious behavior is intolerable. Yeah, that girl might have some cellulite, but the person who photographed her has some serious character flaws and no diet can fix that problem.

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