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New Blog

Yall can all follow me at my NEW BLOG! SPARKLESandSWEAT

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I. DON’T. FEEL. GOOD. And I don’t give a flippppppp about how grammatically incorrect that sentence (or this one) is. I woke up this morning in a TERRIBLE mood! What is wrong with me? The stress of exams?- I’ve only … Continue reading

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Loser Runner

Update on my life: I suck I broke my running streak There is no way I am going to finish these 1000 miles this month I am totally serious. I just have too many other responsibilities right now to spend … Continue reading

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Streaking “Gymnastics” and Goals

As of tonight I have officially completed a week long running streak. So far, I have really enjoyed streaking. There is just something about taking away the OPTION to workout that makes it more enjoyable. I wake up every day … Continue reading

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