Motivational Monday

There are 34 days left in 2011, and I have 203 miles left to reach my 1000 mile goal.

Nothin’ like waiting until the last minute!

I want to run fifty miles this week. It would be a new record for me, and I would feel a lot more relaxed if I took such a big chunk out of my total miles to go.

So, If you need me this anytime soon, plan on wearing your running shoes!


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9 Responses to Motivational Monday

  1. Fifty miles in a week is huge! I don’t think I’ve ever run that far in a week either. Keep on running this week!

  2. Candice says:

    Good luck on reaching your goals for the year!! I honestly can’t believe there are only 34 days left in 2011…I’m excited for 2012, though!

  3. Chicken says:

    Holy smokes! 34 days left? Where has the year gone? That averages to 6 miles a day, but if you cut out 50, then it’s only 5.5 per day! Good luck! It’s a lot more miles than I’ve put in over the last 2 years!

  4. Yeah it’s definitely a lot. Procrastination makes things more exciting! And this is my last full week of classes, so I should have plenty of time this month to do work!

  5. Abby R says:

    I had a similar goal – 2011 km in 2011 – but I didn’t even come close. I spent too much time swimming and it was definitely difficult for me to get in the km. I minor injury didn’t help.I thought blogging would keep me motivated. You are an inspiration! I am going to try again though in 2012.

    • Thanks so much! It was definitely a good goal for me because it gave me something to work towards ALL YEAR. Fortunately, I only had a couple of minor pesky injuries, so I don’t have a real excuse for not accomplishing my goal.

  6. Just found your blog. What a fantastic goal! Good luck. I’ll be rooting for ya and checking back to see how you’re doing!

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