Motivation Monday – Weightloss

There are a few races in the early part of 2012 that I am hoping to participate in (you’ll find out which ones when I actually register). My goal for Chicago was just to cross the finish line. When I initially registered for the race I wanted to run the whole thing, but it became apparent as I increased my mileage that doing the marathon sans walk breaks was unrealistic. Giving myself the option to walk provided more of a mental reprieve than anything, and I honestly feel like it was what I needed to be successful when I played with 26.2 miles for the first time.

As I start flirting with the idea of training for another race there are two goals that keep teasing me. #1 I want to run the whole thing. #2 I want to be faster.

Like a lot faster. I want to cut an hour off of my marathon time. A whole freaking hour. The particular race that I have in mind is months away, so a clear starting point is to shift my focus to weight loss.

According to Matt Frazier’s Marathon Roadmap, the marathon weight loss formula (which is not set in stone) is 2 seconds per pound lost per mile.

Meaning, if I lost 20 pounds I would take between 17 and eighteen minutes off of my marathon time. Throw in more speed work, hill work, and the added confidence that I have acquired because now I KNOW that I can complete the distance, and I think it is very doable.

Is 5:22 a respectable marathon time… honestly no. It’s so slow it’s laughable, but it would qualify me for Boston in the 80+ age category, and for some reason that feels remarkable to me.

So here is my weekly motivation:

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One Response to Motivation Monday – Weightloss

  1. Hi, I just found your blog and one hour off your first marathon is very reasonable, in my humble opinion I have no reason to give this advice but I have heard many stories of people shaving a lot of time off their first marathon! And I say, if you can’t dream big, then you can’t achieve big!

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