Perfect Weekend

Today served as a reminder of why I love to run! It was gorgeous outside (55 degrees and sunny), I was with one of my best friends (The Roomie) and we ran around campus, which holds the same charm for me now that it did when I first saw it as an eighteen year old prospective student.

We ran at an easy pace and took a couple of little walk breaks (Hey she isn’t a marathoner…YET), and the whole morning was relaxing and enjoyable.

Yesterday I participated in one of my favorite activities…SCUBA! It was AWESOME to spend some time with my fish friends, and great cross training. They make SCUBA look effortless in movies, but hauling 70 pounds worth of equipment is anything but easy. My feet and ankles are sore from propelling myself underwater.

I know that Thanksgiving is several days away, but this weekend has me feeling very thankful. I am counting my blessings.

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