Clothing Calf-Tastrophe

Crazy how I went three weeks without working out, and then today I HAD to go to the gym. I couldn’t even wait for the roommate to get off work. I NEEDED to sweat… NOW! Yes, it was that serious.

I wish that I had this kind of motivation all the time. If that was the case maybe my skinny jeans would fit. They currently don’t which is a huge problem because:

#1. I cannot wear these boots which are my sole (haha shoe humor) reason for looking forward to cold weather:

#2. People are beginning to question my need to wear yoga pants everyday.

Although I like to believe I am special (right mom????), the truth is gaining weight while training for a marathon is not an unheard of phenomenon. Check it out HERE! While I knoooow that some most of my weight gain is fat not all of it is. My jeans do not fit my calves. CALVES! CALVES!!!! Last time I checked my body I do not typically gain weight in my calves.

Anyways, I refuse to surrender to new clothes without a fight.

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