The Break is Over

It has been three weeks and one day since I ran the marathon. I have fooled around with the gym some, but our relationship has not been nearly as serious.

Sure, the doctor told me not to run, but that is no excuse for not working out AT ALL. Today I was just sitting on the couch reading okay fine stalking other people’s fitness blogs, when I burst into tears.

The roommate (who is used to my antics) laughed at me. But at that point there was no denying that I needed to get moving.

I took it pretty easy, but I do feel sooooo much better. The thing is, when I am busy and overwhelmed it is easy to put my workouts on the back burner, but those are the times when I really need to be sure that I am making time for myself.

The goal of running my first marathon is complete, but it will not be my last finish line.

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