I know that you all are wondering how a marathoner couch potato spends this holiday! The roommate and I had plans to go to the gym this evening, then we realized at dinner that our student rec center would be hosting Halloween festivities tonight making our workout a no go.

Instead we are enjoying Halloween the old-fashioned way… CANDY!

I wanted to go trick or treating. I even found THIS costume!

Yeah, I can wear a 4T be jealous!

But the roomie nixed that I idea. She said we would look like creepers. Then I pitched a fit in the candy isle of Target because they didn’t have the”right” gummy worms. Obviously someone needs to get back into her workout routine for psychological purposes if nothing else.

Foot Update: While my foot doesn’t feel back to 100% it is definitely feeling BETTER. As, I mentioned earlier I had planned on testing it out tonight, but obviously that didn’t happen. I am getting a little anxious after taking so much time off. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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