If The “Shoe” Fits…

When given a “shoe” the day of a semi-formal event, what’s a girl to do?
 ROCK IT of course! And it always helps to have a friend in the same situation 😉 Thanks Alicia!

The good news is that I do not have a stress fracture. I have strained the tendon that runs along the bottom of my foot. 

Right inside that blue circle. Don’t you love my paint skills 🙂 Boys like girls with skills! Yes, that is a beauty mark on the bottom of my foot. What can I say? I have beautiful feet! NOTTT!

The doctor said that I would have to stay off of it for TWO WEEKS! Considering I have been off of it for a week and a half, and I am already getting a little stir crazy; I seriously don’t see that happening. For the next few days I will not be doing any running/elipticalling. I will have to get creative. Maybe I will try to do some weights or abs. We’ll see how it works out, but if I took two weeks off I would have to buy all new clothes because I would not be able to squeeze into my jeans.


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