Keeping Pace with a Garmin

In order to be considered an official marathon finisher, I have to run the entire distance in six hours and thirty minutes. That sounds like plenty of time right? Well I’m very nervous. In fact I had nightmares the other night about being kicked off the course while spectators booed at me.

I think that for the most part my fear originated from not knowing exactly what my pace typically is. Luckily, my friend Ash (maybe you remember him from my 5K adventures) swooped in to rescue me. He let me borrow his Garmin and it is my new OBSESSION.

This watch is so cool! I was able to see my pace (minutes per mile) while running, and walking. It kept track of my distance, calories, and calculated my average pace (14 minute miles). I have got to get one of my own!

If I were to maintain that pace for the entire 26.2 miles I would finish in 6 hours and 7 minutes. I wouldn’t say I am “safe” from being kicked off the course, but I am definitely in a position where completing is “doable”.

I have 46 days to get faster!

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