A Mental Workout

Last week when I was feeling low on motivation I did something that I love about as much as running, read about running. I hit up Barnes and Noble and plopped down with Runner’s World UK edition (hey I’m a poor college kid).

There was a tip that spiked my interest. The magazine suggested doing some short runs followed by weight training and then another short run. Basically what this does is allow you to practice running on tired legs without the added strain and risk of injury that comes with long runs. Interesting concept right?

Yesterday afternoon I did my scheduled interval workout on the treadmill. (Which went great! I could not have expected better!) Then I bumped up the intensity on my typical exercise bike routine, and I did 2000M on the rowing machine. I also did some light ab work. I successfully achieved my goal of completely exhausting my body, then I ran another mile, this time around the track. It was pretty difficult. I think that it was an excellent way to emulate the difficulty of a long run.

I’m not too worried about my body being able to hang in the marathon. It’s tough. My mind on the other hand is a big weenie. I have been fighting with my fears throughout this whole process, and I feel certain that come race day, (and my longer training runs) it will be no different.  I think that practice running through exhaustion is exactly the mental workout I need in order to be successful in Chicago.

My legs felt like jello when I left the gym, but I was in a great mood the remainder of the evening. Endorphins perhaps?

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