Twelve Miles and a Frog Friend

The highlight of my morning had to be when I decided that I absolutely must use a porta-potty(EWWW). I am pretty certain that there was a frog living in the toilet. I could hear him croaking and echoing which definitely made for an interesting bathroom experience. I was scared that he was going to jump out at me covered in porta-potty shit slime. He didn’t.

My run this morning was hard. I had to really tap into my inner cheerleader to get through all twelve miles. My whole body felt stiff and achy. It was above eighty degrees at 5 am, and so humid that I felt like I was in a greenhouse.

After about seven miles I realized that I was COVERED in sweat. My hair was drenched in sweat, my white running tank was totally see through (luckily I had on a bra, so I didn’t get in trouble for public indecency), and the worst part was my butt. It was soaked. I’m sure that the cars driving past me thought I was completely insane. I wished that I was wearing a t-shirt that said something along the lines of, “If you were running twelve miles your crack would be sweating too!”

Afterwards I soaked in an ice bath for ten minutes. It was almost more miserable than peeing in fear of the port-potty frog. I spent the rest of the day eating, sleeping, and whining. I feel like a crank, and although today didn’t exactly get me pumped it was a physical and mental workout. I know that I am getting stronger, and better prepared for the Chicago Marathon.

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