I wish that I would have blogged more this past week because I definitely had my workout groove on. I found my rhythm and have been relishing in my runs and work outs. You read that correctly RELISHING. I have been absolutely in LOVE with my marathon training.

Then I noticed an uncomfortable feeling in my hip. It wasn’t pain, more of an irritation. I decided that maybe I have been a little too ambitious recently, and I should take it easy for a few days.

Not wanting to break my rhythm I spent some time cross training. I hit the pool and enjoyed an entirely different workout. By the time Sunday (long run day) rolled around I was eager to hit the pavement. I burst out of my apartment anticipating a leisurely six miles.

It was not leisurely.

At one point I found myself hiding behind the bushes of a local frisbee golf course throwing up where I hoped no cars could see me. SIX MILES! THROWING UP! WTF! I ran ten miles a week ago and now I can’t run a lousy six miles.

I think I was dehydrated. And hot. Maybe, I haven’t gotten enough protein/ iron/ B12 lately. Who knows.

I pushed through the rest of my run, which included lots of walking, probably more than last week on the ten-mile run. Clearly, I was doing something wrong.

Hopefully I am able to get in some happier runs this week.

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