Well Hello Again

Clearly I have neglected my blog a little lately. Okay, if we’re being honest here I have downright abandoned it. I have been in a summer state of mind, and have been so busy enjoying things that I just haven’t taken the time to write about it, which is a shame; because, I have come a long way!

Fortunately, I have been a much better runner than a blogger during the time I have been M.I.A. Chicago is right around the corner, and I am at any given moment either:

A. Overwhelmed with excitement


B. Paralyzed with fear and anxiety.

(Always dramatically emotional)

I went for a ten-mile run on Friday (my first double-digit run), and I was a Chatty Kathy about it all day. I am sure that my friends/ family/ co workers thought I was a total nut going on and on about my workout, but I was nervous about that particular run, and it was a GREAT feeling to have completed it.

I was a little achy yesterday (that may have had something to do with the four celebratory adult beverages I had the previous night), but today my body felt as good as new, and I did 4 miles on the AMT machine, 30 minutes on the exercise bike, rowed 2,000 meters, and had an intense yoga session. I could not be happier with my level of recovery.

Hopefully this time two months won’t go by before I give another update.

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