I Get By With A Little Help From my Friends

I have been pussyfooting around my long runs. For some reason the idea of going any farther than six miles TERRIFIED me! A week or so ago I was talking to my friend Ally, who has competed in some longer distance races, and she shed some helpful light on the long runs. She told me that they were my time to just relax and enjoy running. She described them as being fun and low pressure without a time goal.

Her encouragement was helpful, but I had to illicit the assistance of my long-lost running partner Ash. I made him PROMISE me last night that he would come over to run the following morning (because I couldn’t do it alone). I woke up this morning EXCITED to run. I was very impatient for him to arrive.

We did an 8 mile course. We ran the first 4 miles, then stopped for water and walked a mile, then ran the majority of the way back. We walked two more times for just a few minutes each time.

Overall I am very proud. It was great to overcome a mental block. I feel silly for being so hesitant in the first place.

Sometimes it takes a village to reach a goal. Thanks guys for being my village!

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One Response to I Get By With A Little Help From my Friends

  1. michelle moore says:

    i went on a 6 mile jog/walk the other day!mine was more walking than jogging,but still,congratulations and i cain’t wait to see you kill it at your marathon!

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