Breakups, Better than the Flu

I have lost A LOT of weight this month, probably about 8 more pounds, which puts me in goal weight range (super excited)! 

The weight has come off effortlessly. I have honestly been making some pretty crappy choices lately. The issue is that I completely lost my appetite following my break up. So even though I was eating crappy food I wasn’t eating very much.

I’m happy to report that I am feeling much better now (and eating more), so I will need to start being a little more mindful about portion sizes etc. or I know I will gain all that weight right back.

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3 Responses to Breakups, Better than the Flu

  1. no diet coke on wednesdays says:

    cupcake day reunion

  2. michelle moore says:

    congratulations laynee!i’m still losing weight as well,its suuuch a great feeling!

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