Beauty Hike

I ended up making an unexpected trip to the mountains this weekend. My great-grandmother died (she was 94), so I drove home Wednesday night. Because things have seemed pretty crappy lately, I wanted to go hiking while I was home. It’s awfully hard to be in a bad mood while you’re surrounded by beautiful things.

I grabbed my dog and my sister and hit the woods.

I chose a trail that I had hiked before, but only once. It wasn’t until I started the trail that I realized that the previous time I hiked it was when I was in the brand new crush phase of my relationship. That first time I spent the whole trip thinking of things I wanted to tell them, and excited to bring them back in the near future to share the experience with me. Once again I thought of things that I wanted to tell them, and wished that I had the opportunity to bring them there with me. It was different this time, because I didn’t just have to wait to get back in cell phone reception. It’s a never-ending wait. The person I want to share things with no longer wants to hear what I have to say.

I reached the top and I felt all of the things that I felt before: strong, happy, amazed at the beauty around me. But I felt them with less intensity than before. I am happy. I am strong. I will be fine.

But everything is more beautiful when you have someone to share it with.

Sometimes you just want to be upside down

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3 Responses to Beauty Hike

  1. Myrna says:

    Great pictures!!!! Wish I had been with you. Did you take any pics of Beck? (Between you and me, if someone doesn’t love you like crazy and can’t live without you, you are better off without them. I am old and experienced, listen to your mother.)

  2. michelle moore says:

    things are more beautiful when you have someone to share them with,

    psss i looove to hike! im jealous you got to go,but im sorry about your greatgrandmother 😦

  3. my1000miles says:

    Mom- I will have to take you next time I’m home. It’s kind of a rough trail because it’s uphill, but it’s a great workout. The view at the top definitely makes it worth every step. I did take pictures of Becky; I’ll try to put them on facebook today.

    Michelle- Thanks for thinking of me. You should be jealous it was an amazing time! 😉

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