On My Last Nerve

I looooooooooove to people watch, and the gym is full of interesting characters. But some of them totally get on my nerves… I sense a bitchfest coming on:

  • Slocker-  slow-walker, I mean really slow, he can barely get one foot in front of the other. It would take all night for him to go a mile. Why is this person even at the gym? He is CLEARLY not getting a workout. What’s even worse is when he’s slocking in the fast lane, or traveling in a group and those of us trying to run can’t get through. I’m all about a good power walk, in the walking lane, while being considerate of others, but I don’t know why this guy is even at the gym.
  • Jammer- His headphones are turned up so loud that I can’t hear my own music. I don’t want to listen to your thug tunes, country twang, or cheese-ball pop. I spend my entire workout worrying about his hearing loss.  

  • Braless Bimbo- You’ve seen ‘em UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN ewwww. How am I supposed to run when I just want laugh? Doesn’t that hurt? Two words for this chick… SPORTS BRA!
  • Channel Changer- Here I am very happily watching Jersey Shore, and this guy comes in and turns on Fox News without even asking, so inconsiderate.
  • Thunderous Pack- You hear ‘em before you see ‘em.  They travel in a group and converse loudly the entire time they are there (which usually isn’t very long). These attention starved fools put on a huge production, and drive me bananas.

What types of people get on your nerves at the gym?

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4 Responses to On My Last Nerve

  1. my1000miles says:


    The Nudist- I just want to wash my hands, and what do I have to see… NAKED PEOPLE! I get it, they have to change, but why, why, why, must these women (usually little old ladies) hang out naked for extended periods of time?

  2. How about the girls that wear practically nothing at the gym and pretend they are working out when really they are just trying to get attention from a boy. Ugh they drive me crazy. Don’t get me wrong, when you are hard core running its usually small tank top and short shorts, but when you are just standing there, its unnecessary! Its hard, but you have to try to focus on yourself and that it is “me” time at the gym. I am so proud of you for keeping up with running and working out! =)

  3. michelle moore says:

    YES OMG THE NUDISTS! AND I AGREE WITH ^^^ about the slutty girls!drives me nuts.or the girls in full pearls AND makeup..uuugh so frustrating!

    cause i never look half as cute as they do when im working outt..fml

  4. my1000miles says:

    I hate the girls who workout in skimpy clothing, but mainly just because I am JEALOUS of them!

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