And The Cupcake Goes To…..

Two Blog posts in one day, clearly someone needs to get off of the computer and into her running shoes.

The Rooms and I weighed in this morning. She had a phenomenal week, and lost 4 pounds. I lost two pounds, which isn’t a winning number, but it is more than I lost last week. I’m not too disappointed.

Her Winning treat was a cupcake from Your Perfect Cake, a super cute and yummy local bakery. We both got chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing, and mini m&ms. I also purchased a “Pupcake” for little Tinkerbell (c’monshe has been running too).



While the “Cupcake Diet Break” was scrumptious; I have to admit, I am looking forward to another diet coke, and a bigger weight loss next week.

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One Response to And The Cupcake Goes To…..

  1. no diet coke on wednesdays says:

    I will be enjoying sour gummy worms and a diet seirra mist next week…

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