Testin’ the Pavement

Today Ash and I did a test run of the 5k course. I am very very very happy that we practiced on the course today, because it was much harder than running in the gym. I swear that the entire course was uphill, 3.1 miles up a hill, say what you will about that being impossible, but I promise UPHILL. Anyways we had to walk a portion due to some pretty heavy traffic, but that should be a nonissue on race day (this Saturday!!!!)

Also, I took my real fitness test today and PASSED!

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2 Responses to Testin’ the Pavement

  1. myrna reesor says:

    Good job Layne. I love the treadmill. It is always easier than being outside. Those flashing numbers are constant positive reinforcement for me. Race this Saturday? Yay you.

  2. Good Job!!! I understand the uphill thing, I went for a run yesterday and died after a mile (which never happens to me) because I am in the mountains and it is a constant up hill!! I am so proud of you! You will have to let me know how you do this Saturday!!!! =)

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