It figures that as soon as I would title a post Past the Point of Failure, I would turn around and F-A-I-L. Last week the goal was to run 26.2 miles. I think I ended up running like 21.5 or something. I was very close, but short of the mark.

The interesting thing about this little goal is that I think it is symbolic of , many of my personal goals (maybe a few of yours aswell?). I failed last week, not because my body was incapable of run/walking the distance, believe me it totally could have, but because of poor time management.

Basically, I need to learn from this mistake. Planning skills are clearly a weakness of mine, and if I am not carefulĀ it will be the downfall of my ultimate goal (1000 miles), just like it was the downfall of my short-term goal.

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One Response to IRONY MUCH?

  1. I know what you mean. It seems like sometimes we lose sight of time management and end up hurting our selves so much in the process. I like having you as a buddy because we can help keep each other on track. I’ve been learning through this that doing everything alone is not always the smartest thing – a few months ago I would have never wanted a buddy. Lets keep each other on track?

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