We’re Talkin’ Numbers

Okay, so I am about to publish to the whole world (or really those who read my blog, which probably consists of my mom and my grandma) some stats that most women would consider sacred. You got it, my weight.

First of all, this is not a weight loss blog. That’s already been done. I purposefully did not make my goal weight related, but today I found out some startling news… (Pause for dramatic effect), I HAVE ACTUALLY GAINED WEIGHT SINCE I’VE BEEN RUNNING. UGGGGGGGGGGH! (Did y’all like my e-temper tantrum?)

You can say whatever you want, “muscle weighs more than fat… blah blah blah.” But here is what it essentially boils down to, I am eating too much, and I am not eating the right things, otherwise I would definitely not have gained weight last month.

The reason that I weighed myself in the first place was because I had to take a practice fitness test today for my Intro to Kinesiology class, the real test is on Tuesday. My professor brought hand-held electrical impedance body fat scales, and I was interested in learning my body fat percentage. I needed to know my weight in order to have my body fat calculated. Well, believe me it wasn’t pretty either.

Enough beating around the bush, I weigh 150 pounds. That may not seem like a lot, but considering I am only 5’2″ it is much heavier than is healthy for a person of my height. My body fat percentage is 31%, which is just over the edge into the OBESE category. Yeah, I’m a little chubbier than I would like to but OBESE! OBESE? Seriously? Not good. What is considered a fit percentage of body fat for a female is between 21% and 24%. (Source: LIVESTRONG )That means I need to lose 7%-10% body fat, or 10.5 to 15 pounds of pure fat. I think that’s pretty reasonable. The only reason that I am brave enough to post my weight and percentage of body fat is that I don’t intend for it to stay there for long.

On a more positive note, the fitness today was a piece of cheese. I was really nervous about it, because the test is a requirement to declare my second major, Exercise Sports Science, but I didn’t have any problems at all.

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2 Responses to We’re Talkin’ Numbers

  1. Katy says:

    Your fitness test was es queso! haha I found this link and thought you could benefit from it to help you on your quest 🙂


  2. omg layne I know how you feel. I was 33% body fat back in August – that’s obese haha – esp for a guy. I’m down to 26% now but it’s still not low enough.

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