Past the Point of Failure


A professor of mine told the class recently that most people completely give up their New Year’s resolutions 3 weeks in, making January 21st a day full of failure for many people. Well the 21st came and went and I kept right on running. The 31st came and went and I kept right on running, and now we’re into a brand new month, February!

I’ve done the math and in order to make my 1000 mile goal I should be running about 84 miles a month. I only ran 54 miles in January, which puts me a little behind schedule. I’m not too worried about it. This was the first month and initially I wasn’t able to run very far. Now I am able to get in much longer distances in single work outs. I’m sure I’ll be able to make up those miles.

In an effort to liven up my running routine I have a goal for this week. RUN A MARATHON. No, not all at once, don’t be silly. This week I want my total mileage to be 26.2. I think that having a short term goal will be a fun challenge.

Here’s how my week has played out so far:

Sunday: 4 miles

Monday: 2 miles

Tuesday: 0 miles

Wednesday: 5 miles

I have 15.2 miles left to go and only 3 days to do some work BUM BUM BUM!

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