Working Out While Out and About

I went out-of-town this weekend. My family lives about six hours away from my school, so I do not get to go home very often. Unless there is a three-day weekend, it is not worth the 12 hours in the car.

I have managed to get into a pretty good habit of working out consistently (thus far at least), but I was nervous about how being away from my home-gym would affect my routine. As far as work outs go I’m pretty proud of myself. I managed to get to the gym with my mother Friday night and Saturday night. I logged at least 3 miles both times. Which is what I need to be on schedule for my 1,000 mile goal.

That being said, They were not my best workouts. I did ALOT more walking than I have been. Being at home means readily available Diet Coke (which does not make me feel my best), wine (once again not the best running fuel), and going out to eat (bigger portions, less healthy choices etc).

It was to be expected that I would not have my very BEST runs while at home, but it is a victory in itself that I managed to get to the gym and log those miles when I could have easily fabricated a number of excuses to stay home.

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