Gettin’ Things Started Right

I feel like I have had a very productive first week. I worked out on the treadmill twice. I did run/walk intervals where I ran half miles. The third day I hit the track and really enjoyed running at my own pace. 6.9 laps= 1 mile. I walked 2 laps ran 7 (a mile) walked 3 laps ran 7 (another mile). Then I walked two and stretched. I know it sounds totally lame, but I am proud of myself for running those two miles, and I know that if I stick with it, in no-time I will be running much longer distances.

To sound even more lame, that night my ankle was bothering me a little bit, so I iced it and took it easy. I just soccer mom walked yesterday and today, but I will definitely be running again tomorrow.

Overall I think 13.5 miles for my first week is not a bad start, and I’m excited to be getting in the habit of a fitness routine again.

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1 Response to Gettin’ Things Started Right

  1. myrna reesor says:

    Ok since I am more than twice your age I get to go half as far. Back to the gym for me.

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